Word Families: Onset & Rime.

Phonics word_families_cs[1]

Research shows that very young children can make links between known words and new words, when the word is split into two parts called onset and the rime.

Here is a power point of CVC (Consonant- vowel-consonant) word families to help children still struggling to blend sounds to make a word. This is an important step in learning to read. By keeping the word ending constant children are sometimes better able to process the sounds they hear.

Onset – the initial consonant or consonant blend before the vowel.

Rime – often a rhyme, the vowel and any consonants that follow it.

For example – in the word peg – “p” is the onset and “eg” is the rime.

This is aimed at nursery and reception children, but I will be working on a presentation for older children too.

Mrs. Quinn.


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