Fred Rhythms – Spelling Using Letter Names.

In class we use Fred Rhythms to spell words using letter names. Children focus on letter names once they begin reading the yellow RWI story books.

Fred Fingers spelled a word using one finger for each sound. Fred Rhythmns does the same, however, where two letters make one sound (see below) both letter names are spelled on the same finger, and are ‘written’ on the finger.

For example:
The word ‘play’ is sounded out using Fred Fingers.
PLAY: in sounds.
p – finger 1
l – finger 2
ay – finger 3.

Using Fred Rhythms we would spell the word using letter names onto each finger.

PLAY: Using letter names.
pee – finger 1
el – finger 2
ay – finger 3.
The children pretend to air write the letters onto each finger.
Importantly we speed up when two letters have to fit onto one finger, so the letters ‘ay’ are sounded in quick succession to emphasise they go together to make one sound.

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