Alliteration Game.

To help children work out initial sounds of various food items.

Raid the fridge and kitchen cupboards. Set out the items and ask your child to help you pack the items into separate bags according to the initial sound. Or, for older children, encourage them to sort foods by sound and write a shopping list of foods with the same sound.

Here are some foods to get you started: for younger children stick to just two sounds at first.

B: banana, bread, butter, biscuits, broccoli, beet root, burger.
S: syrup, strawberries, squash, spaghetti, salsa, sugar.
C:,carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, courgette, cake, coffee, celery, cocoa, crisps, coke.
M: milk, marshmallows, marmalade, muffin, meat, meatballs, mayo.
P: pizza, peach, pumpkin, peas, pear, popcorn, potato, pineapple.
Ch: cheese, chips, chocolate, chicken, cherries.
L: lettuce, lemon, lime, lollipop, lamb chops.

Adapted from: I Hear With My Little Ear, by Liz Baldwin.

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