Read Write Inc.

Our Read Write Inc Phonics Co-ordinator in school is Mrs. Quinn. If you have any questions please contact her after school or leave a comment on the blog.

We are in the process of putting lots of resources on the Abbots Phonics blog to help your child at home with their reading.

If there is anything in particular that you would like help with, to support your child’s reading progress, please leave a comment and we will endeavour to provide resources or advise you accordingly.

We run parent workshops periodically. If you are interested in attending one please check the website or school newsletter for dates, or contact Mrs. Quinn.


2 thoughts on “Read Write Inc.

  1. Hi Mrs Quinn, not sure you will venture here during the winter hols, if you do hope you are enjoying a well-earned rest!.
    Can you let me know the page order for The Teddy Word Book we took home at the end of term, as the pages came out and would like to know if there is a particular order?

    Many thanks
    Antony dp Dad of Samuel dp

    1. Yes of course. It starts on white, cream, yellow, light green, green, olive, light blue, blue, navy, lilac, violet, purple, turquoise, pink, red, brown, grey, black, silver, gold. Note to self – I’ll add page numbers.

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